November 8, 2005

Beantown Bound Bowden?

Witness the titanic media frenzy that is the Jim Bowden to Boston story. Translation: it's a slow GM meeting and Manny hasn't demanded a trade to Neptune yet. (Note the tasteful bypassing of the Uranus joke.)

While most of the Nats blogosphere engages in Harelquin romance-quality daydreams about Theo Epstein, Brandon over at the Curly W hyperventilates a bit about what Trader Jim's departure could do to the stability of our already wobbly franchise. My take: relatively little. Whether J.B. stays or goes, the Nats have too many holes and too little cash to think about solving all their problems in one off-season, especially since it's looking like we may have to ask Santa for a new owner for Christmas.

Elsewhere around the Nats blogosphere, Ball-Wonk embarks on a mission to convert the heathens, against my advice; Chris Needham rubs our noses in his crass corporate overindulgence; Nationals Interest slams our beloved National defense; and Basil mails it in.


Brandon Kriner said...

If Bowden leaves we could see Bob Boone filling in as interim GM until the owner comes along to hire a new one.

Barf! Bob Boone!

By that time, all desirable GM candidates will most likely be off the market.

I'm just sayin'...

Nate said...

Point taken, Bob Boone makes Trader Jim look like Billy Beane. I'm not sure all the big name GM candidates will be off the market(I don't think there are jobs available for both DePodesta and Epstein), but there may still be desirable less well known options.

Of course that's assuming we have a team president competent to evaluate GM candidates. Paging Stan Kasten?

Chris Needham said...

It's not corporate. It's a non-profit.

If only they paid like it was corporate.... can you spare a dime? or three?

I'm not toooo worried about the prospect of Boone. If he was in place, it'd probably just be for a few weeks til the ownership switch, and there's not a lot he could screw up in that time.

Each of the current GM-less teams is interviewing five or so candidates. We'll be find, even if we get one of the leftovers.