November 14, 2005

Alternate Universe

On the heels of the new price-gouging ticket plan, MLB has decided to strap the ol' milking machine to Nats fans proverbial udders and wring the last nickel out of the franchise before handing the mauled carcass off to an actual owner. The scam du jour? Alternate jerseys, which are to be unveiled at high noon this Saturday at the Modell's Sporting Goods in Springfield Mall (convenient to the ninth circle of hell that is the Mixing Bowl, estimated completion date: once Bud Selig has finished interviewing all the sub-contractors.)

BallWonk has been tracking the sordid history of Unigate. I'm torn. I have no interest in providing MLB with another cent of my recently-hard-earned money, but Guillen the Barbarian and Tex Majewski will be signing autographs, and line priority will undoubtedly go to those who purchase something. Some commenters on the Nats blogosphere have suggested staging a protest of MLB's handling of the ownership issue, but organized chanting makes Guillen angry, and in any case unless Bud, Bob or Jerry puts in an appearance I think I'll allow my rotten tomatoes to continue to over-ripen.

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DCSportsChick said...

*sigh* how typical of MLB. Not surprising at all.