November 19, 2005

Weekends with Gary

Why Meeting Bill Ladson is Not a Reason to Go to Mo's

Like a chump I stood in line outside the Springfield Mall Modell's for 45 minutes today, followed by another half hour standing inside the store, followed by way too much time watching Screech pantomime with the audience. All to listen to Charlie Slowes revive his ESPNZone trivia contest, and to watch Gary "Tex" Majewski and Jose "Jose" Guillen model two new jerseys, both of which look suspiciously like last season's BP jersey. There was also an autograph session, but only the first 100 customers got to partake, and I was customer No. 118.

But I did get to meet Bill Ladson, and when I say meet I mean stand next to and stifle the urge to ask probing questions like, "Hey Bill, who do you think will be doing the catching next year?" I'm saving that one for the next Nationals Mailbag. Bill was at the event to file
this insightful bit of reporting. Bill sweats alot for a man not wearing a coat in late November. I also heckled the Comcast SportsNet camera guy recording the event for posterity. What, they can be at the media events but they can't show the games?

An impromptu conversation with disgruntled fellow Nats fans who also did not receive autographs, left me with these observations:

1. The Nats bologsphere accurately reflects the mood of the larger fanbase regarding the ownership issue. It's rare in Northern Virginia to hear the D.C. City Council praised for anything, but everyone I spoke with approved of their increasingly hardline stance on the lease negotiations. If Bud is waiting for public opinion to turn against the city, I hope he's holding his breath.

2. The Marlon Anderson signing is interpreted as the disappointing end of Jamey Carroll's Nats career. Jamey's character, hustle and decency were praised, and there was some concern about what the loss of good clubhouse guys like Carroll and Baerga would do to the team's chemistry in 2006.

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