November 4, 2005

He Came, He Saw, He Left

Adios, Vinny. Thanks for the memories. ( I can recall two or three good ones.) Seeing as how this is the first bit of actual baseball news to come across the wire since the earth-shattering Jackson-Castro signings, the Nats blogosphere has fallen upon it like a pack of ravenous marmosets. Capitol Punishment has the most comprehensive post, Distinguished Senators and Federal Baseball applaud Trader Jim, and even the missing and feared dead BallWonk puts in an appearance to eulogize Vinny's DC career.

I really have nothing substantive to add. The Post has the basics of the Castilla-Lawrence deal. Vinny wasn't in the Nats future plans beyond next season anyway, and they managed to get a servicable starting pitcher in return. As J.B. says but rarely does, you can never have too much pitching. Lawrence and Ryan Drese can battle it out for the 4th and 5th rotation spots, or maybe one will replace Hector "El Matador" Carrasco as the swingman. Either way the Nats added value.

The team also got significantly younger. The Castilla trade and the likely departure of free agent Carlos Baerga jettisoned roughly 75 years from the roster, and left the Nats with less veteran leadership. Given Cap'n Hook's preference for veteran teams, is this another sign that his days in DC are numbered?

In slightly less breaking news, J.B. continues to turn the Nats organization into his own personal episode of This Is Your Life, naming former Reds player and coach John Stearns manager of the Double-A Harrisburg Senators.


Ryan said...

The Castilla trade and the likely departure of free agent Carlos Baerga jettisoned roughly 75 years from the roster

Hah! That's a good way to look at it. About 600 pounds, too, and Vinny only weights 205.

Watson said...

The best part of this deal is it isn't costing the Nats anything. San Diego is picking up the extra on Lawrence's contract so it's basically an even swap. That plus their picking up 400K of Lawrence's 525K next year option makes this seem like a real winner for the Nats. Now if only he can pitch . . .

Nate said...

If Vinny only weighs 205, then I'm the White House leak in the Plame case and Watson can run a 4:00 minute mile.