November 15, 2005

Attack of the Fifty Foot Lake Monsters

In lieu of actual baseball news, of which we have none, Triple Play proudly presents the re-christened NY-Penn League affiliate of the Washington Nationals, your Vermont Lake Monsters. The former Vermont Expos were officially re-branded today, though Nats Farm Authority had the scoop last week.

In possibly the first ever case of a team being named after its mascot, (Washington Screeches, anyone?) the Lake Monsters name derives from their mascot Champ, the Loch Ness-type monster said to live in Lake Champlain. Vermont ditched the Expos red, white and blue for
uniforms that have a color scheme similar to the Triple-A New Orleans Zephyrs.

What does all this mean for the farm system? Nothing. But it's nice to see that the
new uni craze extend to all levels of the franchise. Stay tuned for the Zephyrs new 2006 outfits, hip-waders and yellow rain slickers.


Watson said...

Are you sure this isn't a promo for Ben and Jerry's? Few men go up against the Vermonster and live to tell about it.

Basil said...

That's what I thought! But I was quickly corrected that it's legit: there really are people dense enough to believe that Champy or whatever the hell his name is lurks the deep.

El Gran Color Naranja said...

The bat in the mouth reminds me of my favorite Expos minor league affiliate logo. The alternate Edmonton Trapprs hat.

That bear trap is totally biting that bat in half!

Nate said...

Evidence that Champ is a kinder, gentler, lake monster.

Watson said...

More like the Champ is worried about running afoul of the new steroid policy.