November 18, 2005

The Last Straw

Meet Marlon Anderson, the Nats new $1.85 million left-handed pinch hitter for the next two seasons. If Marlon gets a hit every single time he comes up to bat in 2006 he's earned his contract. Otherwise I have had it with Jim Bowden. The Nationals are operating on a roughly $50 million dollar payroll. Bowden just promised about $1 million of that to a guy whose job is to get one at bat a game. And then he promised it to him again in 2007!

Earlier this offseason the Nats blogosphere debated Jim Bowden in philosophical terms. Agree with his decisions or not, isn't it better to have someone in charge, making decisions? I think it's time to revisit that discussion. Leaving aside the Vinny Castilla-Brian Lawrence trade, inertia might have been the Nats best friend this winter, if only to keep J.B. from overloading the roster with subpar utility infielders.

The big losers here are Jamey Carroll, Rick Short and Brendan Harris, all of whom should probably start looking for a new gig in 2006. Darn you Bowden, Darn you to heck. (Distinguished Senators has a much more satisfying, profanity-laced take on the Marlon Anderson signing.)

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