December 2, 2005

Beers and Barstools

The NTP crew ventured out of our routine and headed downtown to Dupont Circle last night for dinner and beers. First off, it bears mentioning that all three of us are useless when it comes to navigating around Dupont Circle. We walked the long way around the circle arguing the entire time about whether or not we should cut through the middle, only to realize that we had gone the wrong way. So then we cut through the middle to go back where we came.

So after twenty minutes we wander down to 20th and P streets where we take one look at Pizza Paradiso decide the wait is too long. Next up is Johnny's Half Shell which also has a 45 minute wait. Alberto's Pizza by the slice it is :) This is the second time we've been stuck for a place to eat in DC and ended up doing the Jumbo slice thing. Maybe we should just plan on that from the beginning.

After gorging on pie it was over to the Brickskellar for one of the best beer selections in the world and one of my personal favorite juke boxes. We sat at the downstairs bar and had 12 or so beers between the three of us with Dave's wife showing up late. You gotta love 60's soul and beers with names like Dragonhead Stout and Old Fezziwig Ale. There was also some random conversation about celebrity vampires and who's the most underated 80's band. Good times :)

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Nate said...

Just in case anyone's curious, Jackie Chan is the least plausible celebrity vampire, and neither Tears for Fears nor Huey Lewis and the News is the most underrated band of the 80s