December 6, 2005

Stupidity on a snowy morning

So a meeting downtown meant that I was to take the metro this morning, as it was a) easier and b) the simple fact of the possibility of snow meant that the roads would be full of stupid people who don't know how to drive when that one half inch is on the ground.

Walking to the metro station after parking, I see a very fashionably dressed woman walking just in front of me, struggling to keep her balance. The snow coverage last night was light - about an inch - but there was some ice on my car, and some patches here and there. I wore sensible shoes because of this.

I look down, and notice she is wearing high heels.... But not just any high heels. Oh, no. This insane woman is wearing 5 inch stiletto heels. Tiny little points. This woman, who can't weigh more than a buck twenty-five soaking wet, is trying to balance herself on ice while wearing 5 inch freaking heels.

Now, I have nothing against high heels (I like them, in fact, unlike certain other footwear I can't tolerate). However, I loathe stupidity, and nothing says I'm a stupid person better than stiletto heels on ice.


Nate said...

So flip-flops would have been a more sensible solution, traction-wise? And with probably not much heat loss compared to stilettos. The clear compromise solution here was thigh-high stripper boots. :)

Watson said...
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Dave said...

Now I will never, ever object to thigh-high stripper boots.

That being said, even heels with a larger heel would do. The girl just couldn't keep her balance and was walking so slow with her arms across, it just was ridiculous. The girl next to her had heels with a large base, and she could keep her balance.