December 19, 2005

Big Build Up, No Payoff

All right everyone... lunchbreak! Mayor Tony Bowtie has requested that the stadium lease agreement be pulled from the agenda tomorrow. Blogger groupthink says Tony didn't have the 7 votes needed to get the deal done. The vote hasn't been rescheduled, but expect the mayor's people to spend the holidays arm-twisting, log-rolling and stealing loose change from Salvation Army buckets to make the stadium financial picture slightly more palatable.

Quasi-News with Rocket Bill

Alleged journalist Bill Ladson is back with another
hard-hitting mailbag where he covers (I kid you not) the likelihood of Roger Clemens pitching for the Nats, reveals that Alf will play wherever we damn well want him to and smile while he does it, explains why Wilkie was singlehandedly responsible for the failure of our offense last season and makes Ryan Church completely disappear.

Big ups to Federal Baseball for the GNR cover (now where's my Chinese Democracy?) And a belated plug for the Farm Authority's Nats Big Board.


Basil said...

Hey, I don't need your civil war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.

BTW, nice illustration on the absurdity of a question about Clemens pitching for the Nats, of all teams.

Watson said...

I think "Paradise City" sums it up nicely:

Rags to riches
Or so they say
You gotta Keep pushin' for the fortune and fame
You know it's all a gamble
When it's just a game
You treat it like a CAPITOL crime
Everybody' doin' their time

Nate said...

Truly, there is no Nats-related issue that cannot be summed up with a GNR medley.

dcbubble said...

What took Tony so long to hold a rally? Did he not realize he would need some support to sway the council?

Nate said...

The council isn't going to be swayed by a rally composed largely of people who don't vote in DC elections. To shift votes private developers, the Feds and possibly MLB are going to have to kick in more money for infrastructure and cost overruns. Whether that happens will be the deciding factor.