December 5, 2005

Quick, Call Arthur Andersen!

The Nationals may be in desperate need of some creative accounting. NBC4 is reporting that the latest cost estimates for the new stadium may top $700 million! This has the potential to scuttle the deal entirely, since I don't see the DC City Council overlooking a hundred million dollar rounding error.

If nothing else, this is going to throw a King Kong-size monkey wrench in the bond sale timeline. I assume HOK is going to have to go back and redesign the stadium to cut costs, delaying council approval, bond sales, ownership announcement, construction start and the entropic death spiral of the universe.

Now we get to listen to DCist bitch and moan some more about an extra $100 million worth of food stolen from the mouths of babies. I just knew someone was going to f*** this up!

Update: 12.06.2005

Cooler heads than mine have prevailed. WaPo is reporting the $700 million figure as an absolute worst-case scenario number, including several amenities already dropped from the proposal. Capitol Punishment has all your analysis needs. My overwhelming sense of impending doom is somewhat abated.

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