December 6, 2005

Virtual Milwaukee Lies in Ruins

The Natosphere's collective google-bombing campaign is a rousing success. The patently obvious truth that Bud Selig is a national disgrace has garnered coast-to-coast media attention. From hometown WaPo columnist Marc Fisher to Seattle's Sports Beat and everywhere in between.

Will this have any effect on the ownership situation, or the new stadium that is beginning to sound like the world's largest platinum bidet? Nope, but it is intensely satisfying given the general powerlessness of Nats fans over all things Nats-related. Kudos to the Nats blogosphere, and rest assured that the Triple Play crew was honored to do our little part.

Spanning the Globe to Bring You...

A whole lot of nothing, really. Rocket Bill Ladson chimes in with the not-quite-breaking news that A.J. Burnett will not be a Washington National, despite being the only man on the planet with strong emotional ties to Bowie, Maryland. I am considerably less bummed than most of my fellow bloggers, mostly because I expect A.J.'s arm to fall off in June. (I'll also take credit for being within $5 million of the final contract price without going over, thereby winning the showcase showdown.)

Tom Boswell reiterates his love for all things South Capitol Street, deftly synthesizing reams of argument from DCist into one column. Unfortunately, alleged WaPo columnist Tony Kornheiser also picks today to weigh in on the stadium deal.

Meanwhile, in the parallel universe he inhabits, BallWonk reports from Day 2 of the 2005 Nationals National Convention (catchy title BW).

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