October 29, 2005

So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish

The free agent exodus continues. The Post reports that four more Nats filed for free agency. Headlining the latest wave: SP Esteban "Stubby" Loiaza, who is seeking roughly $3 mil a year more than the Nats are currently offering.

The also-rans are Tony "No Mas" Armas, Jr.; Carlos Baerga and Gary Bennett. All three will likely join Deivi Cruz, Preston Wilson and Joey Eischen on the outbound bus. These guys account for most of the dead weight on the Nats roster. (I don't count Loiaza or Eischen as dead weight but it's going to be tough to re-sign Stubby, and J.B. has fantasies of replacing Eischen with B.J. Ryan or Billy Wagner.)

The Nats have exclusive negotiating rights with their free agents until November 10th. The team should use this time to A) Sign Stubby and B) Offer Preston a PB&J, a carton of milk, and a one-way ticket to Shea, where I'm sure Mets fans will be much more forgiving of his unique fielding style and massive whiffs.

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Brandon Kriner said...

I wouldn't miss any of those guys except Loaiza. Eischen has been solid but he's easily replaceable, even if we get a lesser guy than Ryan or Wagner.

I'd be shocked if Loaiza actually got that extra 3 mil from anyone.

And you are right on, we should make sure to ship Wilson to a division rival so we can once again watch him strike out with runners on base in the late innings.