October 26, 2005

He's Tan, Rested & Ready

Bowden in '06! The Post reports that the Nationals are working on a short-term contract extension for sharp-dressed GM Jim Bowden. It seems a little sketchy that our team president, whose contract expires next week is negotiating an extension with our GM, whose contract expires next week, but the whole thing has to be approved by MLB anyway, so that's okay.

The contract extension would allow Bodes to get to work luring overpriced and/or undertalented free agents to RFK, but would not guarantee him a job once the new ownership group is announced. Say it with me now people: "Bodes in 'o6! 4 More Months! 4 More Months!"

On the Hallelujah! front, in the same article MLB President Bob DuPuy suggested for the first time that new owners might be named before the new stadium lease is finalized. Given that there was never any reason to impose this artificial deadline in the first place, MLB's flexibility is refreshing, if they stick to it.

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