October 10, 2005

The business side...

So coverage of the money to be made on baseball is on people's minds today.

Somehow, isn't it just weird that MLB made more money than anticipated, and the city less? My favorite quote is the one saying that better TV coverage will show a drop in attendance. Now that's just silly. On top of that, they complain that not enough people drove (45% took metro).... didn't they push us to take Metro? Wasn't that all we heard?

Oh, and we're getting screwed on the new stadium too. Assuming you're an average fan, of course. Those luxury boxes sound nice. But our seats will be inches smaller.

God dammit this kind of shit pisses me off. As a business owner, I just look at something like the Nationals and wonder what kind of greed causes this stuff. You know, it's possible to be honest and still make a good living.

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Nate said...

Nice coverage Dave. Great minds think alike.