October 4, 2005

The sentimental crap.

So Nate is right.. The sentimental crap is my department.

Sunday was a great experience. While the game was a loss, I was happy the fans were good spirited. Even the Philly fans we were sparring with were pleasant this time. The standing ovation at the end capped a great year.

I did my own stats for the year. I attended 20 home games this year, including both the home opener and the last game of the season. The Nats were 9-11 while I was in attendance.

For me, the baseball season is over. Besides a casual desire to see the Red Sox out, I'm done thinking about 2005. '06 is just around the corner. First order of priority - this team needs an owner.

Now the big question for the off season - will the three of us venture into non-baseball territory now that the season is over?


Nate said...

Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is!

Besides, there are still ownership issues, and free agency, and whether they'll let us tar and feather J.B. on his way out of town.

Dave said...

I know Nate -- my comment meant the 2005 season is over. I'm thinking just about 2006 now... and the owner we need, the trades we want, etc...