October 16, 2005

Free as a Bowden

Jim Bowden is job-hunting, and it's not ESPN's Cold Pizza. J.B. has permission from the Nats to talk to the Arizona Diamondbacks about their G.M. vacancy. Clearly Bodes is anxious to be reunited with his all-time favorite pitcher, Claudio Vargas. It has also come to my attention that the D-Backs might have a vacancy at SS next season, with Royce Clayton being a free agent. Might I suggest a Bowden-Guzman package deal?

J.B. might also be a candidate for G.M. jobs in Tampa Bay and Philadelphia. Please, oh please let him go to the Phillies. I'll even throw in Kenny Kelly to make it happen.

Arizona in the Fall

The Nats hitters are making some strides in the Arizona Fall League. Here's a look at their stats:
Unfortunately, our pitchers look atrocious. If you must look at their stats, you can find them here. (Roy Corcoran, Chris Schroeder and David Maust are our pitchers.)


Watson said...

I want to know who we're getting before we dump JB.

Nate said...

Which means some part of you likes Bowden and has a little man-crush on our leather pants-clad GM. Disturbing. :)