October 3, 2005

Odds & Ends

I'm going to dispense with the season recap. That sentimental crap is more Dave's department anyway. With the season over, Nats players are fleeing the city in droves and going to where ever it is that baseball players live in the winter. I'm equally disappointed that we won't get to see Jose Guillen go spikes up into some kid's snowman and that I won't get an invite to the after-parties in Livan's 5-bedroom, 2-level suite at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton.

Apparently, Goooz was the only Nat to buy property, which just shows how sure he is that he'll be around next year. Either that, or D.C. is a better winter home than Minneapolis. And why am I only now finding out that Jamey Carroll's wife is an executive at The Gap? Think of all the missed cross-promotional opportunities: Sarah Jessica Parker bobblehead night; Jamey's signature line of bionic man khakis. "Feel like a Six Million Dollar Man, for just $29.99." Ahhh, well... wait till next year.

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