October 18, 2005


Since I spent the day in a land use law seminar I'm going to poach... er, promote some of the other Nats bloggers to recap today's top stories:

Capitol Punishment has the Post beat covered. Linda Cropp pulls the stadium deal back from the brink, why chicks dig the long ball, and Bud Selig attempts to pick the Nats ownership groups out of a lineup.

Nationals Farm Authority digs deeper into Wogangate, muses about the farm teams going to the Boones, and sticks it to Omar Minaya. (If anyone named Bob is put in charge of the minor league system, it should be Bob Balaban.)

Over at
Federal Baseball Basil, back from a long business trip or a short white collar prison sentence, mutters incoherently for about 16 column inches, but manages to touch on everything. No wonder he gets a nicer website than we do.

Senior UnInvestigative Reporter Bill Ladson has a
Q&A on Nationals.com that basically amounts to: "We won't know anything until we get an owner." Way to collect that check, Bill.

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