October 25, 2005


Slow news week, but I haven't quite been reduced to inventing pantomimes for Ozzie Guillen to use when summoning relievers out of the 'pen. A quick spin around the media dial:

In the Times, Thom Loverro implores the city to keep a close eye on stadium architects HOK, lest we end up with a carbon copy of the yawning mediocrity that is U.S. Cellular Field. Thom cites the train that runs along the top of the stadium in Houston as an example of local touches that give a stadium character. I'm all for making ballparks distinctive and unique to their cities, but I don't do cutesy. Unless we can get a replica Washington Monument to rise out of a strategically placed centerfield silo after every homer, limit the celebration to fireworks.

Jose Vidro tells Nationals.com that his knee is feeling better, and he might pass on surgery. If Vidro wants to wait and see how the knee responds to additional therapy that's his business, but if this is a case where he's eventually going to need to go under the knife he should get it over with, so he can start rehab and be ready to go in March. In other injury news Luis Ayala is scheduled to have surgery this Friday to remove a bone spur from his right elbow.

Also on Nationals.com, Bill Ladson proves once again that he will not be hindered by the absence of actual news. Insights from the latest Q&A: Preston Wilson probably won't be back, Cristian Guzman probably will; Vinny Castilla's job is in jeopardy and Keith Osik is still retired. (I sense the possibility for a running, SNL-like "and Franco is still dead" joke here.) Tune in next week when Bill reveals that declining seasonal temperatures will likely lead to increased home heating costs.


Basil said...

Raise your hand if you didn't see that Ayala surgery coming from a mile away!

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