October 14, 2005


Tom Boswell has a column in today's Post about the 1996 renovation of Busch Stadium that transformed it from a bland, dumpy 1960s-style multipurpose stadium into a bland, dumpy baseball stadium with some individual charm and cheesy throwback character.

I'd love to let you read the column, but WaPo.com has mislinked it. The central thrust of the piece: "Hey new owners! Invest $25 mil and give RFK its own signature cheesy quirks." Examples: outfield bleacher seats, picnic areas, hand-operated wooden scoreboards and a new mascot, Robby the RFK Rat. (OK, I made that last one up, but it fits with the theme.)

One major roadblock, our co-tenants DC United, who might object to putting too many baseball-specific features in their soccer stadium. The other: make RFK habitable, and the DC city council will definitely start thinking, "New stadium? We don' need no stinkin' new stadium." Then are only hope is to hold out until RFK becomes such a decrepit hole that it's actually fashionably retro again. You know, hobo chic. God help us.

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