October 25, 2005

Anybody got any tylenol?

So per our annual homecoming tradition my fraternity held a touch football game over the weekend. This game is always a fun time and this year we had fourteen people. Fourteen people who are now so sore they can't move. I consider myself to be in decent shape and I'm still hurting three days later.

I can't imagine what an NFL lineman feels like after a game. I realize they're in shape and they work on conditioning year round but you can't escape the fact that they're punishing themselves every game. Baseball is a little different but I think the catcher deserves a little credit for being a tough guy.


Nate said...

You boys are getting a little elderly. Maybe you should consider switching to two-hand touch. ;)

Watson said...

it was two-hand touch.

Nate said...

Oops, I meant flag.