March 2, 2008

GUZMANIA! Busting Out All Over

He's pacing the offense! He's scrapping for that 25th roster spot! It's two-fer Sunday at the House of Guz.

C. Guz is sporting a healthy .333 average batting primarily out of the leadoff spot, battling FLop for the starting SS gig and trying to make the case that his hot start to 2007 was more than just a small sample size driven fluke.

G. Guz hasn't played much, but with Rob Mackowiak hobbling and Willie Harris doing his best Willie Harris impersonation, he's got an outside shot at edging out Ryan Langerhanscendentalism and making the team as the lefty outfielder off the bench. Otherwise he's most likely going back to Minnesota, and no one, except maybe Aaron Gleeman, wants that.

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