March 6, 2008

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Photo courtesy of DC Sports Bog.

I'll give you a hint, which also happens to be the answer: The teams aren't in alphabetical order!

Oh sure, they group all the As together, followed by all the Cs and so forth, but look closer. Last I checked, Arizona came before Atlanta, Philadelphia before Pittsburgh and San Diego before San Francisco. Guess they had to rush to get it ready for Opening Day. If this banner was six months in the making, it probably would have been mid-2009 before the team could put together a banner alphabetized by the first three letters. If you're going to swing and miss on the whole alphabetization anyway, why not put the home team in the middle, or at the top, or anywhere other than the bottom corner?

For full coverage of today's veritable orgy of arborism, check in with Steinbog and Misschatter.

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