March 26, 2008

New Season, New Stadium, New Logo

Check out the new hotness. Pretty spiffy, huh? Jealous? Good.

We can't go into a brand-spanking new stadium and have our beloved (if sometimes neglected) blog looking like the underside of an RFK Hondo Homer seat, now can we? Mad stupid props to Watson and his talented crew of Amish graphic design artists for the upgrades.

Just don't go expecting a corresponding improvement in the quality of the writing. Style over substance, baby. It's what we do, it's who we are.

In actual baseball news, the 25-man roster is set. No surprises. The death of LANGERHASCENDENTALISM! as a movement was all but inevitable.


ntr Tampa Bay Rays said...

Not into the whole trademark law scene?

Nate said...

Different font, different colors, different logo. Now, if we changed our name to Nats Triple Rays for some reason...