March 26, 2008

Planning a weekend of baseball

I do love this time of the year. Last night, Nate, Watson and I participated in our annual Fantasy Baseball Draft. We've been doing Fantasy Baseball for about 5 years now, and it's been close friends with a consistent group of managers. With the very last pick of the draft, I picked up Paul Lo Duca. I have FLop too, but will admit it's because I think he'll be traded. A bench player to maybe become a starter elsewhere.

The draft also means we're days away from the big event. Opening Day. My Dad is coming up for the exhibition game, and Nate and I are enjoying our preview experience that night. I expect to be there about 4:30, enjoying some time in the new park. We're section 223 this year, which is second level beyond the first base line. In looking over the directory, I'm pleased to note our seats are by Five Guys, but far from Ben's Chili Bowl.

Sunday, of course, is the big day. It's gonna be crazy. I'm so excited.

I'm using Saturday to figure out transport. Yes, Metro is the way to go, and I'm using Saturday to see how bad the walk is from the Orange Line to the ballpark.

Our tickets arrived last week, and I'll admit I'm disappointed we didn't get any commemorative tickets this year. The whole batch didn't arrive in a cool box this year, and the tickets are just mass printed computerized tickets. It's a shame, too, because I have my 2006 tickets framed with the pennant from that year in my office, and my 2005 ones framed in my home office with the Washington Post Poster, and was planning something for the first and last tickets from 2007.... but 2008 just isn't that interesting. It's a real shame.

I'm just counting down the days.


DCSportsChick said...

Maybe we'll see you on Sunday, amidst the hordes :-)

Dave said...

I certainly hope. Where are your seats this year?

DCSportsChick said...

No season tickets (with the baby on the way, I won't get to many games) but we're in 141 on Sunday. Will keep an eye out for you!

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