March 4, 2008

No sympathy for Metro

I'm sorry, Metro, but you suck.

As reported by WTOP, Metro is now crying that the Green Line will be overtaxed on weekday games.

How long have we known the stadium was coming?

How much have you hiked fares in the past few years?

How many new riders are you going to get based on this, who will be paying for your service?

I love Metro. I admit it. I fund SmartBenefits for my staff I believe in public transportation so much. But Metro, you suck. I have really no sympathy for you on this, and this answer just makes my blood boil:

"people will learn to stagger their departure times after the games so that not everyone reaches the Navy Yard station at once."

How are we supposed to learn to stagger departure times? The game ENDS. You LEAVE. If the area around Navy Yard was ready with after hours entertainment, sure, I'd happily have another beer and put my drunk ass on a train later. But that hasn't happened. And no one is surprised by this.

Oh, and you claim you're on schedule. So are you saying your planning sucks? Seems to me you got funded.

I'm going to curse you every night, I can see it coming.

Welcome back, baseball. Metro is going to suck, and I see myself longing for RFK already.


Nate said...

Water taxi, anyone?

Dave said...

Funny you mention that, Sharon was plugging the same thing to me last night. I'd so do it if I thought it would be open -- so far, I hear it's being planned, but no firm "start" date.

Ironic Goat said...

How do you stagger your departure from a late game that ends just before the metro closes? I guess I will be walking up to the orange line most nights.

Nate said...

I guess I will be walking up to the orange line most nights.

At which point they'll rename those 7:05 weeknight starts the "Mugger's Deelite" games. Not to unfairly denigrate our fair city, but the hike from the stadium to Capitol South traverses some sketchy territory. Though to be fair, the garbage transfer station on New Jersey Ave is stunning in the moonlight.

Ironic Goat said...

I was gonna go round to Eastern Market. I know the walk better.

Ken Houghton said...

Coming out of Shea, we frequently wait for the second or third "7" train.

Oh, wait, we know there will be a next train...

Never mind.