March 30, 2008

The new stadium... is glorious

So I went with my Dad, Nate and his girlfriend to the stadium today for the exhibition game with the Orioles.

The new stadium is just great. So much to love.

Transportation was pretty accessible. From arriving at the Dunn Loring Metro at 3:30pm, I was standing in Nationals Park at 4:45. Leaving Nationals Park at 8:45, I was home at 10pm. That's not too bad. I think with a little more practice we'll be really good at this. And next year, with the buildings and Half Street... it's gonna be fantastic.

The stadium is beautiful. Just a really wonderful thing. The food is great, the sightlines are beautiful... we can see the capital dome from our section 223 seats. The scoreboard is amazing... I'm just very impressed. It was bitter, bitter cold tonight, but I can see many, many beautiful summer nights in our future.

Oh, and there are $6.00 beers. And the $6 and $7.50 beers are both significantly larger drafts than what we had at RFK. More commentary as we go, but this is gonna be a blast this year.

Oh, and we beat the Orioles. I love to beat the Orioles. If only it counted.

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