December 17, 2005

Short Term Loss

Sayonara, Rick and best of luck. Rick Short told intrepid quasi-reporter Bill Ladson that he expects the Nats to sell his contract to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Japanese Baseball League. I suppose that's one way to pay off the extra $5 million we're going to owe Soriano this season.

Baseball is a f****d up game. All Rick Short did last season was hit .400, slug .933 and hit home runs off of John Smoltz and Dontrelle Willis. But next season he's going to be the star of his own
bad Tom Selleck movie. Now I don't expect Rick to hit .400 and slug .900 in a full season off the bench, but perhaps if we hadn't spent $1.7 million on lefty pinch hitter/backup 1B/OF Marbert Fickerson, we'd have room for sweet-swingin' $350,000 makin' Rick Short.


Harper said...

Why did we sign Marbert, when we could have had Roblon Anderfick for the same money?

I hear we're going to cut Marlon Byrd to make room for Scott Hatteburg. Jim saw a lull in the market for LH pinch hitters that play limited positions.

Nate said...

Luckily we can't cut Marlon. We'd lose our Marlon monopoly, and if there's one thing JimBo loves, it's cornering the market on things no one else wants. You should see his collection of Edsels.