October 20, 2005

They Say the Neon Lights Are Bright

Nationals.com profiles 1B Larry Broadway. Basil has the in-depth, including a neat anatomical graphic. Larry's basic problem: he's a lefty 1B with the potential for freak injuries, and we already have one of those in Nick Johnson. Barring another injury Broadway will probably be up with the big club as a September call-up next season, but his long-term future with the team is uncertain.

It's possibile that Broadway could be a valuable left-handed bat off the bench in 2007 once Vinny Castilla's contract expires, freeing up a roster spot. According to Baseball America Larry has potential, and given Nicky's inability to play a complete season, he seems like a good guy to have around. He's certainly having a solid Fall League, hitting .375 with a 1.075 OPS.

Capitol Punishment has identified a more pressing concern: the need for potty parity in the new park. (Try saying that 5 times fast.) Personally, the sight of long lines at the womens room is one of the things I enjoy about professional sporting events, but I'm not opposed to equal justice under porcelain.

The Times article quotes GW professor John Banzhaf, "one of the nation's authorities on legal battles over access to public restrooms," which makes Andrew Zimbalist seem almost respectable. Chris Needham tags Banzhaf as a patchouli-scented rabble rouser, but he doesn't look the part. I'm more inclined to think that as a legal expert on toilet access you take your publicity where you can get it. Either that, or he's just bloviating.

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