July 26, 2007

I feel the pain

Oh, lord.

This is how it becomes painful. I was ok with the thought of losing the game going in to the ninth. It happens -- you lose some. But a rally by the Nats made my hopes rise.

And we go to the bottom of the ninth.... and Jimmy Rollins hits what should be a tough-to-run-but-doable catch in the outfield. Instead, Langerhans and Church just run into one another -- then can't relay to Lopez. Rollins manages to round the bases and tie the game back up. Church had it in his glove, but hits Langerhans. Nate, I'm not seeing your Langerhanscendentalism.

This is the same problem I had on that fateful Saturday. This just seems like sloppy play.

Nats lose 7-5 in the 14th.

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