June 24, 2007

How to ruin a good game in one easy overstep.

Goddamn it.

The relative quiet of the NTP site recently has been for a variety of reasons. I'll speak to mine -- I've been busy as hell with work. Crazy busy, the kind of busy that likely isn't healthy. I think I've made myself sick due to this much work. I say this to set the stage.... I committed to catching three games in a row at RFK to take my mind off work, enjoy some beautiful summer weather, and drink some beer. Wednesday and Friday I was going to the games with Watson and Nate (and the fourth ticket taken by Watson's date on Wed and Nate's on Friday), and then with my wife and some of her friends for tailgating and game watching on Saturday.

This had to brighten my mood, right?

Wednesday was what it was -- a loss, but the team was competitive and they were playing well. It was a return to the ballpark for us, and while I greatly miss Hard Times Chili Dogs, it was a good night out, despite the loss. I was encouraged.

Friday was a great game -- a win, a solid play, Brandon Watson's bat comes alive, and the blooper reel for all time.

Which brings me to Saturday. Beautiful day, fun tailgate, and seats that made me appreciate where we normally sit.

First, I'll do my review of fan experience, since I don't normally sit in section 505. I don't think the vendors even bother to go to the upper deck. I may gripe that I can't get a beer vendor to come by in section 313, but it was nothing like 505. Seriously -- send some vendors up there. There are less places to get beer and food in the upper level than below as well -- half were closed. It was a pain getting food and beer.

That didn't dampen my mood, however. I was there to enjoy the game and relax. All I wanted was a good ball game. I managed to find enough beer to enjoy.

But what really got me was, like everyone else, the ninth inning.

I won't do play-by-play. Others do that well.

I'm also not going to bemoan Cordero. Chief blew a save, and that certainly was frustrating. But he's been doing well, and I even went into the inning knowing he couldn't pitch without a guy on first. I just wasn't expecting the homer.

But what I will call for is the head of Nook Logan on a stick. There has been defending of Nook Logan dating way back. His quote about being aggressive and blowing the game and not being aggressive and blowing an earlier game (I couldn't find the quote, but saw it on today's pre-game) is just moronic.

I'm OK with the Plan. I'm resigned to paying money for a team that isn't going to win most of the time. I'm trying desperately to enjoy the games I'm paying for. But when the team is rallying -- playing hard and clawing their way back -- to blow it with an overrun in the name of being "aggressive".... that I just can't stand.

I'll sign Chris's Memo.

Just go away.

I'm going to go back to work. That game sure as hell didn't make me feel any better.

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Nate said...

Today's game is a little balm for the wound, and hey, we took 2 of 3 from the Cleveland Indians. Not too shabby, Nats.

PS - Nook Logan must go.