June 2, 2007

Work in Progress

Some of you (if anyone still reads this thing) may have noticed a slight content deficit here at Nats Triple Play over the last few weeks. All the usual reasons apply: jobs, family, vacations, general malaise. Even with three more-than-casual fans there are only so many ways to say "Gee, Levale Speigner sucks, wish we had somebody to replace him. What? Joel Hanrahan? OK, never mind, pass me another vodka gimlet."

But that's not to say that we haven't been kicking around some ideas deep in the NTP bunker (aka Dave's basement bar.) So in the days to come, keep an eye out for these exciting features:

  • The Levale Speigner Anangram Generator - "A Green Elves Lip"; "Reveal Gene Lisp"; "Leave Spleen Rig" and many more! Hours of family-friendly fun!
  • NTP's 2007 MLB Draft Preview - With the 340th overall pick will the Nats select Iowa high school middle infielder Brent Glopnik, or Middle Tennessee State left-hander Johnny Walker-Black? We'll tell you.
  • The GUZ Meter - Sure, GUZMANIA! is a force of nature, but that doesn't mean it can't be measured, tracked and quantified. Check back regularly for a graphic representation of the power of teh Goooz. Remember, as Guzie goes, so goes the Nats!
  • 101 Reasons to Avoid Andruw Jones in Free Agency - Reason Number 72: DC schoolchildren have enough trouble with spelling as it is.
  • Semi-Annual Blogroll Cleanup and Catfish Feast - Are we missing a potential masterpiece of ill-informed speculation? Let us know. And, as always, the Catfish Feast takes place the first Tuesday in July by the banks of the mighty Anacostia. You should get there early, space fills up fast.
  • The NTP Crystal Ball - We look forward thru the hazy veil of time to show you the Nats roster on August 1st. Hint: Say "D'OH!" to D'Angelo!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Nate's right -- we knew it was problematic when we haven't even seen one another as much, much less have time to shoot as much shit as we would like. My "world tour" alone of such exciting cities as Cincinnati, Des Moisnes, and New Orleans (well, one is fun) as made it tougher than we like.

Fear not -- more stupidity to come!