June 20, 2007

My, Captain Smith, These are Lovely Deck Chairs!

Jason Simontacchi gives up 10 runs on 10 hits in 3 innings of work, so with retribution as swift and sure as the hand of God the Nats axe Winston Abreu and Levale Speigner. Eh, whatever. Whoever had June 20th as Day 1 of the Crappy Pitcher Shuffle wins a coupon for one savory brisket sammich.

Welcome back, Luis "El Guapo" Ayala. Hope the elbow holds up. Just say "¡No!" to the Jon Rauch/Jesus Colome "Let's pitch everyday!" rehab regime. Welcome back, Chris Schroder, hope you brought your little toy piano. Chief likes music to nap by in the late innings of a 14-run blowout.

Condolences to Robert Fick on the passing of his mother. Hopefully he uses the next week to grieve and completely ignore the Nats. Fick's temporary absence opens the door to Brandon Watson to play centerfielder for a week. Question: Do we root for a hot start to hasten Nook Logan's departure, or a complete collapse to put an end to the B-Dub experience? My answer, serious but non-life threatening illnesses for every outfielder without Ryan in their names.

Game Note: The Nats had 1 RBI in last night's unmitigated disaster. GUZMANIA! strikes again!


King said...

What about Austin, too? We only have two Ryans for our outfield.

1. CF Freel
2. C Doumit
3. 1B Howard
4. DH Klesko
5. SS Zimmerman, he's the only Ryan in MLB I know can play short even though he can't
6. 3B Braun
7. LF Church
8. RF Spilborghs
9. 2B Theriot

This team has just been Ryanized!

Nate said...


I count Austin Ryan Kearns as a Ryan by marriage, which solves that problem. But it leaves unresolved what to do about the Nook Watson situation, since of of them can't get a bunt down and the other can't run the bases competently.