July 25, 2007

Too funny not to comment

Doing my morning roundup of news, blogs, and stupidity, I found this quote in the comments of this story:

"If the Nats trade Zimmerman they would be absolute morons and I'd immediately sell all my Nats hats and stuff.

I hope they keep Young, I like him, and I hope they trade Ryan Church for anything. A minor leaguer, a pizza, a pile of sticks, whatever"

I say we get a pile of sticks. Not because I think we should trade Church, but because it's one of those brilliant ideas I can only think of after four beers. Kudos to Andrew W for thinking of it without that much beer.


Anonymous said...

Dave, If you keep reading that string of comments, Captain Mensa adds this gem in response to dealing Rauch and/or Cordero to the Cubs ... "I dunno, they could use a proven slugger. Cliff Floyd isn't great but I wouldn't be upset if the Nats got him."

Nate said...

Clearly if we keep Dmitri we can't get the pizza.

Dave said...

Dimitri might eat the pizza.

Anonymous, you're right -- that is a good gem.

We here at NTP are just keeping our place as "keepers of the comedy".