July 23, 2007


It's hard to take real pleasure from being a Nats fan this season. Even when they pull out a game or a series it's a little like watching a 3-legged dog learn to walk. Sure it's heartwarming and even inspirational in it's way, but you know that puppy ain't winning Westminster.

What does satisfy is the reaction of other fans when their team loses to the Nats. Our franchise seems to have become, at this point in the season, a bellwether for determining if other clubs are contenders or pretenders. Drop a series to the Nationals? The Washington Nationals? May as well fold the tent, trade the veterans and start planning for next season. Settle for a split? TR4DE FOUR MANNY!!1! pronto! Win? Okay, well that's a nice launching pad for the next series against [insert real baseball team here].

For examples of the phenomenon in action just look here and here. We seem to have put a fork in the Astros' season and sowed some serious seeds of doubt in those playoff pretenders in Denver. There are healthy doses of "Jason Bergmann?!?!" and " WHO the FECK is MIKE BACSICK?!?!"

Ahhh... refreshing.

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