July 10, 2007

The Grim Reaper has Bleacher Seats

So I watched the Home Run Derby last night and it looked like a beautiful day out in San Francisco. The sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. That's great if you're a tourist walking the streets but I swear it was going to mean the death of some of the kids in the outfield.

Every year at the Derby the outfield is crowded with young kids who catch the fly balls that don't make it out of the park. I figure they're the kids of team executives, players, coaches, or whichever big wigs have that kind of access. It's always funny to see forty kids all try to pick up the same ground ball. That wasn't the case yesterday.

The sun was beaming down so brightly that the kids couldn't follow the ball. And because AT&T park has that deep right center field there were a lot of moon shots that didn't make it over the fence. These kids are staring blindly up into space while hundred mile-per-hour meteorites are dropping out of the sky. At one point a ball missed someone's little girl by about two feet. MLB and the national disgrace are damn lucky nobody got hurt yesterday. Even the announcers mentioned it.

I can hear Chris Berman now ". . . and the ball goes back, back, back, back and oh no that ball just flattened little Timmy!"

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Nate said...

Sure, that's dangerous. But it's nowhere near as potentially deadly as being the third base coach when Da Meat Hook rounds second with an eye toward heading home.