August 12, 2006

We Have Met the Enemy...

... and they used to be us.

Honestly, that's just insulting. I know we're the worst team in the NL East. I know the Mets have the division wrapped up, and don't really need to win these next few games. But none of that is any excuse for the Mets trotting out Michael Tucker to play LF at RFK last night. Now, loyal readers of this blog (both of you) know how I feel about Michael Tucker. I'm sure he's a swell fella, loves animals and small children, plays a mean classical banjo. But once you've been cut by the Nats in Spring Training, that's it, you're done, your career as a professional base ball man is over. If you count Inning-Endy Chavez and Mike "Girl-Burner" DiFelice (and you shouldn't) that makes for three Nats cast-offs on the likely 2006 NL Championship team. Omar Minaya's goal is obvious: TRADE 4 VIDRO!!!11!!1!

But none of that should distract attention from a truly stellar outing by reclaimed pitching prospect Billy Traber. Billy threw one bad pitch, and if Paul Lo Duca hadn't whacked that gopher ball like he had money on the game (Ba-dump Bump!) Traber would have had himself 7 innings of shutout 4-hit ball. So on a great night for baseball at RFK Dave and I had the distinct pleasure of shushing several thousand Mets fans. Life is good.

Livan on Borrowed Time

I should have known it then, when he handed me the towel. As we bonded over that scrap of red terrycloth on a sunny Sunday afternoon I should have realized my time with Livan was drawing to a close. And now my fondest memory of RFK's grand re-opening weekend is tinged with regret. I should have seen what was coming; I should have said goodbye. Adios, Livan. And thanks for the rally towel.

Coming Up

Stay tuned for the next installment of Dave & Nate Take On, when the patented Triple Play Magic 8-Ball gives us glimpses of 2007. Sure, it won't be as comprehensive or detailed as Banks of the Anacostia's look ahead, but hey, at least we're not advocating keeping Damian Jackson.

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