March 30, 2006

Adios, Peeg-Fauquier

So Ryan Church lost his job to Daryle Ward? That's just sad. One thing this organization has is hefty, lefty first basemen. We really needed another one? Sure, nominally Ward can play the outfield, but he "fields" the same way Matt LeCroy "catches" and we've all seen the tragi-comic results of that experiment. (By the by, if one of your stated goals for the offseason is to "improve team speed, " how the hell do you get there by signing LeCroy and Ward?) But I digress...

The one ray of sunshine in today's final roster moves? The unconditional release of Michael "P.F." Tucker, who will have to contribute his veteran-y goodness and .234 batting average to someone else's team this season. If you're keeping score at home that's one (1) correct roster move on the season from Bow-Diddley.

C Alberto "The Soriano Wrangler" Castillo and RPs Kevin Gryboski and Travis Hughes were awarded tickets on that train they call the City of New Orleans to bring the active roster down to 25.

Next stop, Orange-Bird hunting at RFK!

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