April 4, 2006

Take comfort

So as I dwell on the fact that it looks like it may suck this year, as I have already predicted, I take some comfort.

We could be Orioles fans.

We're not the only ones in the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network who are likely to suck.


Nate said...

On the other hand, the O's offense managed better than 2-13 with runners in scoring position and they won their home opener.

Good thing the beer vendors are located strategically close to Sec. 313.

King said...

We need to find that guy that can hit 30 HRs, have a high OBP, come through in the clutch, and play CF...too bad we don't have anybody like that on our team *cough* Church *cough*.

Nate said...

Don't you mean *cough* Wilkerson *cough*?