April 11, 2006

A Season in the Shade

Settle in Nats fans, it's shaping up to be a long season. First, I'd like to apologize to all seven of our readers for my extended absence. Stupid paying job kept sapping my blogging time (and my will to live.) Thankfully, it was nothing that couldn't be cured by taking a half day off to enjoy a beautiful 70 degree day and a second home opener at RFK.

I suspect this is going to be the season that I really learn to appreciate those intangibles that Dave talks about: a warm summer evening spent outdoors with friends, warm beer sold by a vendor in the 7th inning, catching up with our fellow season ticket holders in Section 313, a well-timed heckle in a momentarily silent stadium, the deep conversations about the hygiene, parentage, and ultimate eschatological fate of Phillies fans. Because judging by today's "performance" the product of the field may not be suitable for children, pregnant women or the elderly... dramatically decreasing my odds of getting a date to the game.

Some random thoughts from this afternoon's game:

  • If you have to throw the ceremonial first pitch off the grass in front of the mound, leave the job to someone who isn't one Aramark sausage away from a coronary.
  • Not many teams get to be managed by a living legend. Whether I agree with his style or not, I promise to appreciate the sight of Frank Robinson dozing on the bench every chance I get.
  • Man is Brandon Watson fast. Never have I seen a man move from the plate to the dugout with such speed and grace.
  • Someday Jose Guillen is going to learn to pull the ball so as to cause it to leave the confines of the field at RFK. I hope my children are at the Old-Timer's Game to see it.
  • Nick Johnson moves remarkably well for a fat lefty first baseman. Daryle Ward does not.
  • If 3 misplayed balls per game in the outfield are the price of Soriano's bat, I can live with that. That said, I still want him gone at the trade deadline.
  • Sure Brian Bannister pitched a 1-run, 3 hitter - but I bet you is mile time is nowhere near 4 minutes.

And one random thought for the future:

  • Since pitchers use baseballs to strike opposing batters, it's only fair that hitters be allowed to use bats to strike opposing pitchers.

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Basil said...

Your random thought for the future is so much more insightful than the "park in a driveway, drive on a parkway" bit! ;-)