March 1, 2006

What Drives You?

Hmmm... a pre-preseason exhibition game against a team owned by a Korean car company? Sure, why not? Anything to avoid talking about Jim Bowden, Bud Selig, Marion Barry or Alfonso Soriano.

Hitters were clearly ahead of the pitchers here. J-Patt gave up 2 runs in 1 inning, The Chief gave up 4 in 1/3 of an inning, and some guy named Mike Bacsik picked up the win by only giving up 2 runs in 3 innings pitched. But hey, our offense was clearly improved... maybe the Mets and Braves will sign a boatload of minor-league caliber Korean pitchers to fill out their rotations. John Smoltz or Swang-Ha Lee? C'mon, go with the Koreans, annoy Cap'n Hook.

Cristian Guzman launched the GUZMANIA 2006! campaign in fine fashion, going 2-2 with an RBI. Unloved OF Ryan Church went 2-3 with an RBI, while alleged CF Brandon Watson recorded an 0'fer. Quasi-catcher Matt "Roach Motel" LeCroy waddled his way to a 3-RBI single and Alex Escobar launched his traditional one spring training home run before landing on the DL for the year.

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King said...

Anybody got the box score for this game? I want to see how everybody else Ladson didn't care to write about did.