August 29, 2006

Dave Takes On: Bitterness

So Nate wouldn't even jump in to help me on this, because the bitterness has just reached an all time high.

Watching the end of the season come up on us is proving to be a tough road for the Natosphere. Ball Wonk has gone quiet again, Chris at Capitol Punishment comments on this craphole of a team, Curly W has Just. No. Hope., Basil at Federal Baseball points out that this team is going nowhere, and the Nats Blog notes 2006 is very much dead.

Nate didn't want to even comment -- his bitterness seems to know no bounds. We lost Watson on baseball a couple of months ago, I think.

As we come up on Labor Day weekend, and I was reviewing how many games I had left in me, I had to say I was trying to get in as many trips to the ballpark as I can. I've been plotting getting my hands on a new red-alternate jersey. I put as many games on the TV as I can, both day and night.

I think as this season ends this may be the last time we're able to say this, but having baseball is still better than not having baseball. Baseball remains the best social sport of the lot -- best for watching live, best for sports bars, best for watching with friends at home, and even best for watching alone.

Sure, we're not in playoff contention. But as I watch Zimm hit his triple tonight in the 5th, and drive in two, isn't it still fun? The little things make it. Let me remind my friend Nate of a comment he made back in April:"I suspect this is going to be the season that I really learn to appreciate those intangibles that Dave talks about: a warm summer evening spent outdoors with friends, warm beer sold by a vendor in the 7th inning, catching up with our fellow season ticket holders in Section 313, a well-timed heckle in a momentarily silent stadium, the deep conversations about the hygiene, parentage, and ultimate eschatological fate of Phillies fans"

I understand where the bitterness comes from. There is a lot of emotional investment in a team. You want to be associated with a winner. We know we're not. (Still better than living in Kansas City, that's for sure). But you know what? We have one of the hottest players in the league hitting homers in our giant canyon. We have a rookie who is playing every night like he's been playing for years. This is fun to watch, folks!

You can wallow in self-dispair, or you can just have some fun with it. You're already invested -- why make it miserable?

I'm trying to get together friends to go with me on Saturday (Watson and Nate are both previously obligated), and wouldn't be anywhere else on my birthday (Tuesday) than the ballpark. The beer is cold and I know I'll miss it when it's gone in October.


Nate said...

Well said, Dave. Well said.

PS - Tony Armas must Die!

Watson said...

I haven't given up on baseball, there's just not much to say about the Nats. When you're most compelling storyline is the team falling apart at the seams it's hard to get pumped. Talk to me again in late September when things heat up for the teams actually left in the race.

Basil said...

I don't know. I still love the little things about baseball, but . . . the team is going nowhere. And there's little to write about the team every day, if you're inclined to write about the team everyday.

I think that's your perceived bitterness.

El Gran Color Naranja said...

Beer is going away in October!? Oh no!

Dave said...


You're right -- it is hard to write every day. (And you're on the list of one of the very good writers).

I just feel it's necessary to remind myself and others why this is fun. Just because we're going nowhere doesn't mean the ride can't be fun.

Nate said...

Nobody likes a smartass, EGCN. Oh, except us of course.

ck said...

Dave - I like your attitude. And when the end of the season rolls around, you get our vote for the Spirit Award.

Here's what I'm gonna miss most about this season, as bad as the team is: listening to Jaegler & Slowes on the radio on my back porch while drinking ice cold beers. Nothing beats baseball in the summertime, even when your team is 20+ games under .500

Dave said...


You said it. It doesn't hurt that this weekend has been a blast (see my post) -- but you're right. We have a great radio team.

I'm in this to have fun. :)