September 3, 2006

A Labor (Day Weekend) of Love

Labor Day is, as Watson puts it, a "made up holiday". As such, I haven't really had all that much going on. My wife was sick Thursday and Friday, and worked Saturday and Sunday. Watson had plans, Nate a wedding, and many of my other friends were on the road. This left me with very little to, in general.

So I entered the weekend with two plans. The first was to be productive and catch up on the things that I hadn't gotten done in the past couple of weeks... this included several bits of paperwork, some email, etc. I haven't made much progress on this one.

The second plan was to watch a hell of a lot of baseball. I *have* managed to be pretty productive on this front.

Nate and I caught Thursday's game at RFK. A last minute lark, we actually were planning to sit in the stands and drink beer if the rains started. Instead, we watched the fantastic comeback that just made the night. Our buddy Carl from the row behind Nate and I joined in the fun. A comeback, 6-5.

Friday was the rainout, so I went into Saturday planning to watch baseball and work. Seems I mostly watched baseball. I watched 800 people watch a game on the grey afternoon, and a huge rally in the 9th. Comeback, 7-6.

In the evening, I watched more baseball. The weather was nicer, and I watched as the city saluted Livan one last time. He deserved it -- despite his 8th inning meltdown (which, this time, was in our favor), the guy was our first ace in this new chapter of DC baseball. Comeback, 4-3.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, Watson and I caught the game at RFK this time. A much more full stadium, a much nicer day, but the story seemed the same. A 4 run rally in the bottom of the 8th. Comeback, 5-3.

What can I say? It's been a great weekend. I'm going to put Monday's game on the TV, and be at Tuesdays. For those of you feeling bitter, remember weekends like this. This kind of weekend is exactly the kind of great baseball weekend that makes you feel good to be a fan.

Watson and I also had the pleasure of meeting Miss Chatter on the way out of the game. Who could miss the Gary Bennett jersey? It was nice to meet you and Mr. Chatter, and Princess Chatter.

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MissChatter said...

It was great meeting you guys! Sorry I was so dense about turning around. I thought Mr. Chatter was playing the old "made you look" trick on me and tapping my opposite shoulder!