September 19, 2006

Two weeks left

Two weeks left.

I'm so bummed on so many levels. The end of summer, the coming of fall, the mindless attention to football....

Despite the mess, I'm sorry to see the baseball season go. September has been an awful lot of fun.

Starting with the labor day fun, the September games have been a blast. Soriano chasing 40/40. Say what you will (Nate) about it being a meaningless/arbitrary race, but it's such an accomplishment there is a night club named after it. According to their website.. ."“When we were thinking of a name, we wanted 
something exclusive -- the 40/40 Club in baseball is 
as exclusive as it gets,” said Jay-Z."

It's exciting watching a guy chase something that is so rare. Sometimes you have to have achievements like this to recognize special levels of play

Bos is having the same fun, pointing out Nick Johnson's great year. Soriano is, of course, also having a ground breaking year. We apparently have 5 patient guys who wait for their chance...

On top of all that, Chris Schroder strikes out all six batters he saw in relief on Saturday. For a pitching staff we all agree is a mess, we still have been seeing some great individual performances.

In September the boys are 9-8, including the Monday night game.

These may be games that don't count (as we have, in fact, been mathematically eliminated), but they are turning out to be a lot of fun. I'm dragging Watson and Nate out to the game Tuesday night.


Nate said...

Oh yeah, you're really twisting my arm.

And I didn't say the pursuit of 40/40 was meaningless, I just said it's statistically indistinguishable from 39/42 or 41/38.

Now 45/45... there's a milestone!

Dave said...

True, it doesn't take much to get you out to a game. :)

I say we make the milestone 43/43.


Rich from Richmond said...

Not to nit-pick with Jay-Z, but the 40/40 club isn't as exclusive as it gets -- geez, it's got four members now! The 50-50 club is even more exclusive. Or the 56-consecutive-game-hitting club -- now that's as exclusive as it gets. Or the 755 dinger club. You see where I'm going with this.