September 23, 2006

Get Well Soon

Our thoughts and prayers for a full and speedy recovery go out to Nick Johnson, who broke his leg during a collision with Austin Kearns. The injury was an absolute fluke, two players going hard after a bloop hit, and Nick just got the worst of it.

Nick the Stick had managed to avoid any serious injuries en route to the best season of his career, so it's both sad and ironic that things ended this way. Many of us thought Nick dodged a bullet when he emerged only shaken and sore from a collision with Braves thug OF Jeff Francouer early this year, but I guess a full season just wasn't in the cards.

A tip of the cap to the Shea Stadium crowd who gave Nicky a standing ovation as he was lifted on to the cart and driven from the field. The genuinely classy gesture is much appreciated. Thanks for a great season Nick. We'll see you next spring. In the meantime, rest easy, you've earned the time off.

Just Call Him ROY Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman drives in 100 runs, is on pace for 20 HR and pulls foul balls out from 3 rows deep in the stands. All in his first full season of professional baseball. Just give him the damn Rookie of the Year award already.

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