January 2, 2006

Ron Darling.... oh, how I'll miss you.

Just thought I would get something online I found. Kudos to the folks at DCRTV.

Our friend Ron Darling will not be returning to the Nats TV broadcasts, it seems. According to Northjersey.com, he'll be joining his Mets friends, doing color commentary.

Now, I have to admit, part of me is sad about this. Ron Darling, what do you think?


See? You can't get humor like that just anywhere.


Nate said...

I have questions:

1. If Ron Darling doesn't say anything, but we can't hear it because we can't get the games on TV, does he not make a sound?

2. If they pair Mel Proctor with a Chia Pet this season, will anyone notice a difference?

But this is probably a good move for Darling. All his stories were Mets stories anyway, maybe they'll make more sense in NY.

El Gran Color Naranja said...

I hear in the interest of continuity the Nats are bringing in a gagged Bobby Ojeda.

Anonymous said...

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