January 9, 2006

It's a Sweater! A Sweater!

Word down from Mount Saint Barry is that Luis "El Guapo" Ayala will be able to buy himself a plethora of pinatas this winter. Cap'n Leatherpants inked Luis to a 2-year, $2.2 million deal, avoiding arbitration with the soon to be 28-year old reliever. Apparently the prospect of being yoked to the Nats for two more years drove El Guapo to the brink hot, bitter tears (of joy one hopes.)

Luis is the first arbitration-eligible Nat inked to a multi-year deal during the Bowden administration, which almost certainly guarantees that his arm will fall off at the elbow during spring training. Ayala's signing follows the non-guaranteed $700,000 contract given to utility IF Jamey Carroll, and insures that JimBo won't succeed in jettisoning every player Nats fans have ever cared about all in one offseason.

Aside from locking down El Guapo, the biggest Nats news is the latest trade that didn't happen. Peter Angelos, in an act of uncharacteristic generosity, kept Corey Patterson from becoming a Nat by acquiring him from the Cubs for chump change. Now, let us be clear. I don't want Corey Patterson anywhere near the Nats. That said, the Os gave up two scrub minor leaguers for a 26-year old with a great glove, speed and at least the potential to be a servicable 5th OF/pinch runner/defensive sub. Given the front office's obsessive insistence that Brandon Watson is a major league caliber CF/leadoff hitter Corey might one day look pretty good to the Natmosphere.

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El Gran Color Naranja said...

Yeah, I didn't want Corey for Soriano because we need pitching far more than another project OF, but if we could have gotten him for two Class A questionable prospects, that's something we should have jumped at.