January 17, 2006

Getting on the Schneid and Say it ain't Sosa

So we have good news/bad news from the Nats this morning. On the positive side, the Nats locked up Brian Schneider for four years in a $16 million dollar contract. He did a good job managing the staff during games last year and his rifle arm is a great weapon to have. He also hit a healthy .268 and knocked in 10 dingers. That's pretty good production from behind the plate and I'm happy to have him back. I see another Jersey hanging in my closet soon.

On the other hand, and this is definitely bad news, Trader Jim is talking to Sammy Sosa and his agent. At last count we had (maybe) Soriano, Guillen, Church, Tucker, Watson and Byrd competing for outfield spots. Why in the world would we want to sign a washed up steroid user who causes clubhouse problems? He's got serious health problems and in 102 games last year he only hit 14 homers. That's playing in the less than spacious Camden Yards. His production would nose dive at RFK and he doesn't have the speed to make an impact on the bases.

Hey Jim, instead of getting another problem outfielder, HOW ABOUT YOU GET US A FREAKIN' PITCHER.


Gadi said...

Years ago, I used to drive a '65 VW microbus camper (also known as a meat loaf, for obvious reasons). On those rare occasions when you could get it over the 55 mph speed limit (like going downhill, in front of a tornado), you figured -- why not? No cop with any self respect is going to pull over a 40 horsepower van for *speeding*.

And that same rationale goes for the Natspos acquiring Sosa. What umpire in his right mind is going to suspect *this* team of corking bats? :>

- Gadi

Nate said...

I still say that JimBo's moving Guzman to CF and bringing in Sosa to play SS.

El Gran Color Naranja said...

He's working a deal to get Sosa traded to the Reds first. That's what's taking so long.

pete said...

sosa had 4 - yes 4 - homers in homer friednly camden yards.