February 25, 2008

When Do We Eat?

Mark Fisher posted an update in his WaPo blog about the eats at the new ballpark. I could not be happier. By the end of last season I was so sick of the food at RFK that I started eating at home before the game just to avoid the decision between another lukewarm italian sausage or the chicken finger platter.

I'm thrilled to hear that Ben's Chili Bowl will have an outpost at the new park. I'm sure the line for half-smokes will be the longest in the park but that's as it should be.

Nate will be grateful to hear that Hard Times Cafe is back. I can't remember the name of the crappy chili dog place on the terrace but I'm glad it's gone. I know Chili Mac is an Ohio thing but it's pretty damn good at the ballpark.

Dave will be happy about Gifford's ice cream 'cause Dave likes ice cream.

As Lou Brown said in Major League, "Starting to come together Pepper, starting to come together".

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