February 18, 2008


I swear we've been here before. As a rule, minor league signings, even those that include an invite to Spring Training, don't rate a post of their own. But this is different, this is a family affair. Bret Boone, of the previously hired Bob & Aaron Boone bloodline, agreed to a minor league contract today.

Just to refresh your memory Bret Boone will be 39 in April, hasn't played in the majors since 2005 and hasn't played well since 2003 (what I like to call the "Pre-Testing Era".) To top it all off, he doesn't seem interested in A) a utility role or B) a minor league assignment. Yes folks, this move has success written all over it.

It's never a bad thing to see your GM attempting to stockpile useful assets for trade, but Bret Boone stretches the definition of useful asset beyond recognition. I suppose in the best-case scenario Bret might play well enough to earn the backup 2B job, freeing the team up to trade the more valuable FLop or Belliard, and in the worst-case he just gets his walking papers at the end of March. But I just can't shake the feeling that he wouldn't be in camp today if his name was Bret Balaban, y'know?

Capitol Punishment helpfully provides a handy list of remaining unsigned Boones (though he mysteriously neglects poor, dead Boone Carlyle from Lost. Maybe it's all part of the conspiracy!) Note: NTP heartily endorses the signing of Coach Herman Boone.


Chris Needham said...

Apparently, you greatly underestimate my cultural illiteracy!

Nate said...

I figured you just misremembered.